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Golf Dressing Tips from the Online Academy

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Now this is a tip that won´t do anything for your swing but you will feel much better if you take to heart what I am about to say.

When you head to the course, you should do so looking ready to play golf.

I have seen it all too often, a golfer turns up to the course looking scruffy, only to hit it the way they look.

OK, I know some people don't have the money to buy top of the line clothing, but there is absolutely no reason why you can´t turn up with a pair of clean shoes, pressed trousers and a golf bag that is not full of holes and broken zips.

Your appearance is vital to building a confident image, without a confident image you will struggle to be a confident golfer.

Take a look at the best players at your club, they will be well-dressed (not necessarily in the latest gear) they will carry themselves confidently.

But this is not just because they are a some of the best players at the club, they are confident because they take the time to ensure they look like golfers.

So when you head home tonight go and take a t look at your golf shoes.

Clean them, polish them replace the worn out spikes.

Head up to the closet and pick out your weekend attire, inspect it and see if it meets the standards that you would set yourself when you are on the course.

If it doesn't find something else, press your trousers and shirt in readiness.

Check your bag, make sure that there is no nasty surprise lurking in the deepest pockets, check for holes (and if you find some and can´t afford to replace the bag sew them up), organize your bag so that you know where everything is.

Throw out old gloves, the battered balls and broken tees, this is just clutter.

Now, I know that it is probably the worst job for a golfer to do, but grab the clubs and give them a thorough clean.

Grab an old toothbrush, a towel, a screwdriver, some warm water and soap.

Start by cleaning the grips, turn the club upside down, so that the club head is in the air. Scrub the grips with the warm soapy water and toothbrush. Dry immediately, make sure not to get any water inside the shaft.

Then turn your attentions to the club head and remove any grit and dirt from the grooves and dry them well.

If you have some polish lying around the house, give them a quick polish and bring back the shine of a new club.

As I said at the start this won´t lower your scores, but it will improve your confidence and how you feel about yourself, and that can only help your game.
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