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Good morning. Simply put, wear what you like. And what looks good on you. No reason to go hog wild and spend. Your age group like J Crew and Banana Republic and Diesel.
There are always nice sales on the Crew khaki. I recommend a nice pair of khaki slacks. Light blue shirt, button down. Or you can do a spread collar.
Stripes are fine too.
Safe bet is to own a black and brown leather belt. If you need to impress. Navy blue sport coat. Or whatever else you have.
I am an old fan of ties. Your age group does not wear that much. The rise to business casual. And I like it myself.
Either black shoes, or brown. Whatever you have. Again, dont go out and spend any, if too much. A lot of things are made overseas somewhere.
If you want to do a blazer and tie. Be simple. White or light blue shirt. Even with a subtle stripe. And a navy or maroon tie. Or what ever you have.
If this is a girl you like. use a nice aftershave.
Brown, or black leather shoes.
Good luck

Personally I would wear the jeans.
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