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As with anything, doing it constantly can lead to boredom . . .

. . . and certainly that's the case with "business casual".

I am suited for my business casual office for most of the winter, and sporadically during the summer months (the conditions of subway platforms in NYC in the summer being what they are, i.e. large communal saunas, I do generally draw the line at being suited solely for the purpose of making my dry cleaner wealthier).

Business casual is just too damn boring to practice with any frequency, save for meteorological need (khakis and polo shirts do come in handy for August commutation). I am very much in the minority in my office, yet, on those few days that I choose not to dress up (usually associated with rain or snow), the office seems disappointed that the "standard bearer" for sartorial splendour (such as it is) has let them down. (As is said, it's not easy being pretty - well, you get the general gist . . . :icon_smile:.)
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