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This is a cross-forum post:

We have an opportunity to create something very unique. I reached out to Moulded Shoe to inquire about a Reverse Chamois Boot on the Modified Last. It's not something I've seen before. MS said they'd be happy to place the order IF we can get 6 pre-orders. So far, we have 4 interest, so we are looking for 2 more adventurous souls.

The details:

Leather: Reverse Chamois in Earth

Last: Modified

Welt: Storm

Sole: Mini-Lug

Eyelet: Matching Earth color

Edging: Antique

Style: Tanker, Plain, or Straight Perf Toe.

Price: Approx. $610 with 50% down 50% shipped

Please either respond here or PM me if you want in on it.
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