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Gieves & Hawkes

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I'd be in the UK this coming weekend to visit with my brother and his family and he mentioned Gieves & Hawkes as a good bespoke source. Anyone here with experience to share and what are your thoughts gentlemen?
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I've heard they're excellent, if you like the house style. Please don't ask me to explain what the house style looks like...

My first thought is that a bespoke suit takes several fittings - do you intend to return at least twice in the next few months to finish the process?
House style? Do please explain. :icon_smile:

As per returning to the UK, I will be able to return there a few times if need be.
Thanks Gentlemen, as much as I liked what they had to offer when I visited, I am too cheap to spend that much money on a suit.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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