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The pocket squares thread has turned a little sour.

Bastille Day was filled with jabs.

The value of Kiton thread had several “only a fool†type remarks.

The value of Brioni had the standard "fat old men" remarks.

The odd remark is made about spelling and language.

Our language is the language of style, grace and hopefully, class.

Lest we forget what brought us together here in the first place.

We are so fortunate to be where are in life, as we were reminded with the man on the bus post (forgive me, at the moment, I do not recall who posted)

CarloFranco takes a funny poke at Alex K and vice versa.
I do not know if they have ever met personally or their relationship was built solely here, but they are clean, funny, harmless jokes.

Perhaps we can keep it that way and enjoy, share and learn from the experiences, taste, grace and style of others.
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