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I have a blazer, purchased about two months ago. I have only worn it twice and it has never been drycleaned.

Yesterday, I took a look at the blazer and the inside lining is puckering (like small vertical ripples) in several places. I have no idea why this has happened. My fear is that the fusing is starting to bubble from the inside. Any thoughts on this? If it is bubbling, I would be pretty upset about it since I bought the jacket from a well known, reputable store and it retailed for over $500.

I took the blazer with me on a trip and carried it in a tri-fold travel garment bag. The bag is designed to carry two suits but they fit snugly inside. I imagine there is a possibility that the suit I packed was pressing up against the blazer and that made the lining pucker but I'm not doesn't seem right because when I pulled the suit and blazer out of the bag neither appeared to be very wrinkled at all on the outside.

Unfortunately I do not have access to a digital camera so I can't take a picture of the inside lining. If anyone has seen this sort of thing before, I would appreciate any insight you have.

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