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Been thinking about funerals recently-- not that I'm the sort who cheers himself up by reading Spengler and listening to Mahler. But one never knows when the announcement comes, and as I think about the wardrobe, my closest cut at funeral wear for the winter months is a batch medium-dark grey suits. Something darker might well be in order.

So the question-- given the opportunity to get such a thing, and given that it will be used on other occasions also, what would people get? Darkest possible grey is a given. No checks or stripes, except perhaps the subtlest chalk stripe. And that would be better for sitting in the back row.

Solid probably best. But how solid is solid? Does self-herringbone look too flashy, even if it's subtle, like those in the Lesser collection? How about pindot or nailhead? A 13 oz flannel?
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