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Dear sartorial friends - I apologize if this topic has been beaten down like a dead horse but it seems that not all shoulder divots are caused by the same issue so I wanted to see if anyone can figure out mine. I've purchased many suits in my lifetime, some MTM from Ralph Lauren, some bespoke from WW Chan, some MTM from Oliver Wicks...but I've never encountered persistent shoulder divots until MTM from Lanieri. I'm on my 5th jacket from them and I've tweaked various measurements, settings, etc. after each one to no avail. Why do I keep ordering from them? Well, I actually like their fabric selections, style and craftsmanship. And the second order I got was a blazer which fit like a glove and had NO shoulder divots - I think it's because it's unstructured. After that blazer, I tried ordering a jacket with spalla camicia style thinking that it would closely mimic the blazer but...shoulder divots. Then, I increased my armholes and sleeve widths by 1 cm....shoulder divots. Then, I widened my shoulders by 1.5 cm...shoulder divots (my typical shoulder width on my other suits is 47 cm and my Lanieri suits were 45.5 cm so I figured why not try).
I've taken each one to my tailor and he would be puzzled but able to fold up some excess fabric near the sleeve heads and sew it down to make it look presentable but not perfect. Lanieri's customer service is generally very prompt and helpful but they've finally thrown in the towel and just said, there's nothing further they can do.
So, I wanted to see if anyone has any other ideas on what could be causing this. My right should divot is always more pronounced than the left. I've been told my right shoulder slopes more than my left (Lanieri has already made my right shoulder slope 1 cm lower than my left). I'm also right handed and I think my right deltoid and biceps are bulkier than my left.
I'd appreciate your expert opinions. Thanks! Outerwear Dress shirt Neck Sleeve Street fashion
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