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Oh, the memories! I bought my blue velvet jacket in the late seventies. It was from Halston, and still beautiful when I gave it away in '82 (assuming something like that would NEVER, NEVER, ever be wearable again).

And so, of course, velvet jackets made a comeback. My flawlessly constructed Halston would have been the leader of the pack. But I suspect you missed that boat by a couple of years. Maybe you could wear it in Vegas or Atlantic City. But I doubt it.

Gauche or not, velvet jackets are among the most beautiful of garments. I understand your attraction. If it makes you feel better, one of my best friends had a navy velvet jacket from Pierre Cardin. We both wore them for business. We laughed about it later, when we were all grown up, in our Norman Hilton suits. But before his demise at thirty-something, my friend had risen from an impoverished background to become a multimillionaire. And I did better than I'd ever dreamed. We did these things partly during the period when we were running around to meetings in those outre jackets.

I have some silk jackets from Pal Zileri and a red Cashmere from Brioni, that I wear around the house, but never out into the world. I think that's how you should wear your velvet jacket (once you've had it fitted with silver 'dome' buttons). Wish I still had mine.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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