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Found blue velvet jacket at Stanford last night

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laying on the floor. What would one wear with said coat?
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If you have moral fiber stiffer than your legal reasoning, you'll drop it off at lost / found. If you don't, you will perhaps have a shred of pragmatism, and realize the high likelihood of somebody your size drunkenly recognizing their distinctive blue velvet jacket in Palo Alto, and objecting accordingly.
Both are excellent reasons to turn it in, although I prefer the first.
actually I believe jeans are more 'fashion forum-ish.' I believe that khakis perform better in the backwoods and dry off quicker after a river crossing in addition to looking better. As an old-young soldier, I also prefer the martial look of khakis.

I have never liked the idea of a nice jacket with jeans (dressed up from the waist up/ dressed down below). And in some places they will refuse service after 5 PM if you wear jeans.
I don't understand it either. It looks like someone just had time to change half of their clothes after work or play.

We need more of those places, or maybe I just need to find them.

When I was in the Army a long time ago, when off duty we could wear any civilian clothes we wanted to with the sole exception of jeans.

OT and perhaps of little interest to anyone but me, but when I was in the service the Army still had a mule troop in Colorado. A chap that I knew was a helicopter mechanic and was sent there and they had too many with his MOS so he got to lead mules up and down the mountains of Colorado. He said he did not enjoy it a great deal.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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