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Sag Harbour? Seawanaka?

Will you be going on boats?

Are they sailors? Or do they have a stinkpot?

I would recommend calling your hosts to confirm how formal or informal it will be.

If less than formal, not black tie, can't go wrong with white trousers, db blazer, and yachting cap a la Judge Smails in Caddy Shack. Or red trousers/Nant Reds, sb blazer, and appropriate tie & pocket square. Still with yachting cap. Chipp II, Paul Winston, used to have a tie, and I don't remember if I saw some the last time I was in, that spelled out in nautical signal flags "permission to lay alongside?" Sounds perfect for your event - his # is 212-687-0850.

Or if black tie, red trousers and dinner jacket.

If you'll be on boats I would recommend appropriate footwear, which is fully acceptable, as is your foul weather gear jacket over all.

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