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The September 2008 issue of Forbes Life has three articles of interest:

1) Bespoke Man, The Guide to Executive Dress (pg 84), which is an assembly of the following one or two page articles (each at least 50% photos)
- The Stature Suit: Discusses how a DB suit is perfect for CEO and senior executives.
- 2 Degrees of Luxury: discusses John Lobb Paris RTW shoes and Silvano Lattanzi, bespoke shoes.
- Quintessentials: details the classic peacoat.
- Me and My Tailor: Looks at John Green fitting bespoke suits for Derek Morris. Suits starting at $9,500.
- Looking Sharp: which really looks like an ad for some high end companies disguised as an article.

2) All-American Team, which feature four companies that make their clothes in the US. The companies are: Oxxford, Alden Shoes, Martin Dingman belts, and Robert Talbott (ties and shirts).

3) All About Time: Featuring A. Lange & Sohne watches and stating they are the best in the world.

The articles in this 'extra' from Forbes magazine tend to glorify very high end items that at times are hard to distinguish between articles and advertisements.

The web site is here:
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