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At the end of May, TMMKC started a thread called Summer Reading/Listening about one's summer reading and music plans. I think it will be enjoyable to see how people are progressing and what anyone has to recommend.

I've been quite distracted this summer by too much work, but I have managed to read two books that were on my original list. They are In the Heart of the Heart of the Country by William Gass and Candide: Or, Optimism by Francois Voltaire, Chris Ware, Michael Wood, and Theo Cuffe.

The Gass book was a gas, if you'll pardon a bad pun. I'm not sure how I missed this great book but I have AAAC membr Lushington to thank for pointing it out to me. Gass is a wonderful writer and several stories in this collection are word-for-word perfect.

The new Voltaire translation is superb, adding a much more nuanced and modern version of Candide to the many editions available. The translators really made good work of capturing the often scandalous, subtle meanings of the original French and rendering them into very entertaining and englightening English. I think Voltaire himself would be pleased, including with the cover art which is actually a miniature comic version of the story of Candide.

So how is everyone else's summer reading and listening coming along?

Adrian Quay

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Winter not Summer Reading

In this part of the globe its the middle of Winter and late Saturday afternoon what I have been reading and would recommend are the following,
We are now beginning our descent by James Meek
Breath by Tim Winton
The Burnt out town of Miracles by Roy Jacobsen
and I am about half way through Day by A L Kennedy and I would recommend it.

I also have Picasso:The Trimphuant Years by John Richardson and also would recommend Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins as you can gather I dont get much time for TV but saw Stop-Loss last night highly recommended.

Listening the New D&G recording by Horowitz, History/Mystery By Bill Frisell and the Jarrett Trio box set of Standards

As I write this a leg of lamb cooks slowly, this greek style on a bed of rosemary gets about four hours to cook a 2 1/2Leg, and I have opened a a very big Coonwarra Red to wash it down with amongst others and while i write this I have an all time favourite playing Fingerpickin' by Wes Montgomery and this in a day when the mighty Norths Owls U14's won 24-12, but next week its a life or death game to win if the team is to make the finals Go The Owls

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Currently in the stack:

The "Daily Telegraph" Book of Airmen's Obituaries

Cold Cream: My early life and other mistakes by Ferdinand Mount

Ever, Dirk: The Bogarde Letters

The Priestley companion by J. B. Priestley

The Penguin Hansard, Volumes 1, 2, and 3

The Penguin Story, 1935-1956 by W. E. Williams

Soft Answers by Richard Aldington
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