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Flashback and update

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In September of last year I posted the following in the September Acquisitions thread:

Well, I'm afraid now I'm gonna have to give them away. Why, you ask? Because they're now too big for me! I can now fit into the same pants waist size I had all throughout high school and college! Not that I would ever wear pants without a belt, mind you, but if I did, and someone wanted to be a jerk and pants me, they could very easily do so. And even with a belt on I have to cinch it to the last hole!

So yeah, I'm looking at new jeans, new chinos, new belts, a new suit, and even new underwear. I'm thrilled, but at the same time I wish it weren't such a hassle!
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I'll have you know that I'm not starving at all; I eat right, run, play tennis, and do CrossFit. And now that you've told me I won't be able to keep it up (oh sure you said it's "difficult" but "not impossible" -- tomato, tomahto), stand back and watch me succeed!
I second the suggestion to keep some clothing that you have outgrown. About 8 years ago I dropped a total of 30 lbs, and managed to keep it off thus far. I went from a 44 jacket to a 38. I did get rid of all those clothes. For about the last year I have dropped another size. I've bought some new clothes--mostly pants--but I'm not getting rid of those that are only 1 size up.
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