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Flashback and update

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In September of last year I posted the following in the September Acquisitions thread:

Well, I'm afraid now I'm gonna have to give them away. Why, you ask? Because they're now too big for me! I can now fit into the same pants waist size I had all throughout high school and college! Not that I would ever wear pants without a belt, mind you, but if I did, and someone wanted to be a jerk and pants me, they could very easily do so. And even with a belt on I have to cinch it to the last hole!

So yeah, I'm looking at new jeans, new chinos, new belts, a new suit, and even new underwear. I'm thrilled, but at the same time I wish it weren't such a hassle!
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I hate in this case to be a voice of reason, but our bodies are beautifully built to avoid starvation. So it is very difficult to lose weight for good. Not impossible, but very difficult. The statistics are daunting: only 5 to 10% maintain a 10% or more weight loss after five years. A wise move would be to put your big clothes in storage.
I'll have you know that I'm not starving at all; I eat right, run, play tennis, and do CrossFit. And now that you've told me I won't be able to keep it up (oh sure you said it's "difficult" but "not impossible" -- tomato, tomahto), stand back and watch me succeed!
Or we can put a positive spin to it: let's just assume that the fat burning journey is a never-ending task by eating right, doing exercises and take care of yourself. Eventually your body will steer away from the bad stuff and you are better than you were yesterday, or last year for this matter.

At a certain point in time numbers on scale is no longer relevant, burning fat is more important than losing weight. Clothing come second.

Keep up the good work and continue doing so.
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