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Today, it was raining in downtown Oakland, CA. I threw togeather a brown/earthtone pair of incotex flannels, mid-wieght striped brown socks from Paul Stuert, my Dovers, a dark brown windowpane dress shirt by Barbera, Thurston braces and a charcol sleveless vest. On the outside I had a light green Armani cord jacket. The combination was perfect--with the braces creating a sharp crease that only braces can give you. The only negative was the dante sole on my Dovers.

But the real winner here was the sleveless merino wool vest - not too long in lenght--as if cut for a suit--creating a somewhat slim shilouhette with the braces(sans jacket in the office). The vest is a near perfect fit--with an elastic bottom. I had bought this item many years ago at a Nordstrom sale. It is similar to a vest you might see Jimmy Stewert wearing.

At home this evening, I folded and tucked away the vest, for which I paid a pittance, and placed it next to my $350 cashmere vests, which are all too long and too wide, and which scarcely see the light of day.
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