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Hello, I'm looking into buying a pair of nice leather shoes for walking to class everyday. I will be wearing BB Clark Chinos in the colors British Khaki, Dark Taupe, Khaki, and Stone. Would the AE Wilbert in brown be a good choice?

I actually went to the Allen Edmonds store today to take a look and have my feet measured. The saleswomen used the Brannock device and told me that I should get a 7.5 E. It felt pretty tight when I tried it on, but the saleswomen checked the fit and said it was right. Should I assume that she's right? I am not exactly sure how tight a shoe should feel.

Also, I don't think I will be able to find a cheap pair of 7.5 E Wilberts on Ebay, can anyone recommend an alternative to buying it for $245 at retail? Thanks for the help.
First, forget the Wilbert.

Since you're just starting out, find the combination of last and shoe size that works best on your foot. This means trying on a lot of shoes. Disregard model and appearance. Find the last and size. That's the closest you can come to bespoke shoes without buying bespoke shoes.

Once you find the last and size that fits you best, then survey the models available and buy the one that suits you best.

I have spent lots of time and probably around $6,000 on AE shoes. Yet I'm giving you this advice for free. Thanks is enough.
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