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I'm fairly certain I'm about to buy a pair of shell cordovan bluchers (Alden 990) from Brooks Brothers. I'm looking for 2 different kinds of feedback:

1) I like what I perceive to be the versatility of the #8 cordo color. How versatile is it, really? Can I wear it with a tan suit (I don't have a tan suit, but want to keep my options open)? I want a pair of shoes I can wear with almost anything--not completely off base with jeans, just fine with a suit.

2) Buying cordos--how should they feel? Snug? Tight? Just right? Loosey goosey? Should a chorus of angels sing when I slip them on in the store, or does that come later?

a) Should I buy from Brooks Brothers, where I'm fairly certain the return policy is decent, or should I save a few $ and buy from an Alden retailer? I have the impression from comments here that Alden is finicky about returns.

I realize this has been discussed in other threads. But let me have it.
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