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Finest Medium/Heavy Weight Wool for Ultimate Navy Blazer,...

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I have my own opinion but with access to a wealth of experiences I thought I would put it out to the membership.

I admit one of my obsessions is my selection of Navy Blazers or Sport Jackets. I have Oxxford 1220 x 2 with navy buttons, Oxxford highest quality with custom nickel buttons and one with navy buttons. I have another that was made in he U.K. many years ago that still has some wear left in it but,...

I am going to have another one made with metal buttons of some sort. I do not want a light weight cloth for this one. I have looked at Harrison's and all Porter and Harding lines. Holland and Sherry, although I must admit that it annoys me that they do not list the weight expressed in either grams or ounces for their fabric.

I was overwhelmed looking through Dormeuil,....

If anyone has personal experience and cares to share I would appreciate your view on what fabric you would choose for your ultimate Navy Blazer.

Thank you,
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^^Many a time is it
that I have found myself dieting to get back into or to recapture the perfect fit of one of my beloved blazers, sport coats and suit jackets. Vanity mixed with nostalgia can be such a "B*tch," as one's mistress! LOL. Been there, done that, still have the garments, ;)
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