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Finest Medium/Heavy Weight Wool for Ultimate Navy Blazer,...

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I have my own opinion but with access to a wealth of experiences I thought I would put it out to the membership.

I admit one of my obsessions is my selection of Navy Blazers or Sport Jackets. I have Oxxford 1220 x 2 with navy buttons, Oxxford highest quality with custom nickel buttons and one with navy buttons. I have another that was made in he U.K. many years ago that still has some wear left in it but,...

I am going to have another one made with metal buttons of some sort. I do not want a light weight cloth for this one. I have looked at Harrison's and all Porter and Harding lines. Holland and Sherry, although I must admit that it annoys me that they do not list the weight expressed in either grams or ounces for their fabric.

I was overwhelmed looking through Dormeuil,....

If anyone has personal experience and cares to share I would appreciate your view on what fabric you would choose for your ultimate Navy Blazer.

Thank you,
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How about Harrison's Oyster #75712. I have a suit made from this fabric--a 14-ounce hopsack. Since you wanted something on the heavier side, I think this would fill the bill to perfection.

Or, what about flannel? I have a very nice blazer made from a 12-ounce Lesser flannel. It's somewhat lighter than true navy, but I think it's very striking.
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