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"Fight Club" is the movie that has affected style and fashion in menswear more than any other film of the past ten years. There, I've said it. Let the pundits weigh in.

Keep in mind I'm not judging the outcome of these affects, only the facts. The style of clothing worn by Tyler Durden/Brad Pitt in Fight Club was an assemblage of thrift clothes fashions that couldn't have been more out - 70's leather thug coats, polyester print shirts, low-rise hip hugger pants, patent leather Gucci-esque loafers. The movie came out and - bam! - SUDDENLY the influence of the '70s was everywhere again. Fight Club even had a hand in the re-birth of houses like Gucci. Even today, the pages of GQ and Details, the storefronts of high end houses to Banana Republic, reflect the Fight Club influence. A movie spawned in the age of pleated pants and God-awful mid-90's business casual (that is a value judgement) took a left turn and influenced the dressing style of young people in a big way. Like it or not.

For what it's worth, I love the classic tasteful fashions (largely 30's influenced) that most of the contributors to this forum seem to favor. But I also think there's a place in modern life for jeans with a untucked dress shirt and dress loafers, a cool 70's thug blazer, a wilder print shirt, etc. Style is transcendent and transient and can reflect the influence of a lot of things, it's not frozen in time or dictated by stuffy rules.

Again, to re-ignite the fire - "Fight Club" is the most influential film mens style/fashion wise distributed in the past ten years.

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