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I took a walk in the nearby mall today before a dentist's appointment to get a wisdom tooth extracted (ugly business, ugh).

I took a closer look at the Ferragamo corner, and they had one from the Tramezza line. I took it in hand, felt the leather, held it up against the light to see the construction, etc., etc.

Now, my problem is that I didn't think it looked any better than the Cole Haans on the other end of the floor, and the Tramezzas cost about $790, while no Cole Haan here will cost more than $250. I wasn't wowed by anything else in the Ferragamo display either.

I figure that if I end up paying more than $500 for a shoe, I will put it on an altar in my bedroom for a month before even wearing them, and kneel in supplication every morning. I almost did that the first time I logged on to the Edward Green website, mind you.

The Tramezzas just didn't get anything out of me, so would you consider them highly overrated?

Would Cole Haans indeed be about the same quality, for a fraction of the designer price?

(In between, the only other brand here is Bally, about $500 a shoe on full retail. What do you think of those, too? My Dad has a bunch of old ones and they look nice, but I figure he applied the wrong kind of shoe wax over the years and know they're badly creased or even cracked.)
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