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Favorite Blue Blazer Sack

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What is your blue blazer sack of choice. In another thread, a member mentioned that the O'Connell's blazer looked like a beater. i can't say that I agree, but I'm curious which blazers others prefer.
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Shoulder problem. I like the natural shoulder, but my shoulders are wide, and so I've tried sacks that are so tight I can't wear them. I've had that problem at Brooks, and I'm wondering how I'll do with OC. Or maybe Press. I'm leaning toward the Brooks, but as I've said I often have trouble and have to look at jackets that are far too big.
My Salvation Army BB sack - 3/8 lined, hopsack - is my favorite, because it fits, I didn't have to alter it, it cost five bucks, and in the Heated Age I can wear it year-round without perishing.
That would my favorite, but I can't find one. The navy blue camel hair is great, but I'll just have to keep looking.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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