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Favorite Blue Blazer Sack

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What is your blue blazer sack of choice. In another thread, a member mentioned that the O'Connell's blazer looked like a beater. i can't say that I agree, but I'm curious which blazers others prefer.
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I picked up a dark navy BB sack with white grosgrain trim that I rather like. It was on super-deep discount, I think people were freaked out over the trim, but I like it. It looks almost exactly like this:

A bit mod, but still trad I think :)
What's next, stringing blinking lights along the trim during the holidays?
It's a navy blue sack blazer with white grosgrain trim. That's it. It's slightly less simple than a navy blue sack blazer without grosgrain trim. I think the trim is a simple, rather elegant embellishment.

closerlook said:
looks like you picked up a black fleece coat.
That's what I thought when I saw it, but it has a regular "Brooks Brothers Established 1818" label.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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