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My Salvation Army BB sack - 3/8 lined, hopsack - is my favorite, because it fits, I didn't have to alter it, it cost five bucks, and in the Heated Age I can wear it year-round without perishing.
Patrick-of all the words of wisdom you've shared in my nearly four years here on AAAC this comment brought it home best. While I like the idea of seasonal wardrobes the fact that even in Chicago the winters haven't been anything like they were 30 years ago and factor in office thermostats set to please anorexic exhibitionists/near nudists, wearing flannel, tweed or cashmere just isn't pleasant anymore. I've got a flannel blazer and a hopsack and they both have seen better days. Rather than replacing both I'm going to get the GF MTM in a 3r2 sack and wear it all year.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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