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Fashion Tips From Herman Munster

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Today, I got on the elevator at work with this guy. He was in his 30s, I guess. Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, decent trousers.

But his shoes!!! They were tan, and came to this square line, all around the top. For a second, I thought maybe he was testing out his Halloween footwear a day early.

Gentlemen, my question is: Why would anybody go around looking like that? Don't they know how ridiculous these shoes look? I could care less what Details magazine thinks--they are clunky and ugly!

Gentlemen, I wouldn't wear those horrid creations for sex, money, or free tickets to a Fred Astaire film festival.

Why this lunacy?

Kind Regards,

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Square toed, glued, off shore made crap are the order of the day lately. Even with people who dress fairly well, wear decent enough suits, and you would think no better. Its a rather pervasive trend that I just dont get.
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