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Fake button holes on suit jacket sleeve. What do you prefer?

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I was curious to know when you get your suit jacket sleeve shorten do you have your tailor put new fake button hole stitching next to your buttons, have him do real button holes, or just leave it plain (4 buttons but no fake button hole stitching)?

Also whats your take on just having buttons on the sleeves and no stitching next to them? I would think it would not matter cause why put fake button holes next to them to begin with. That is if real holes are not an option. Is that a sign of a low quality suit? Or just personal taste?

If need to know, the suits are Canali and Corneliani.
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If one were to replace the cheap buttons with betters buttons, then, wouldn't one also have to do the same for the pants, so all the buttons would match? I don't see mother of pearl working with suits.
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