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Fake button holes on suit jacket sleeve. What do you prefer?

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I was curious to know when you get your suit jacket sleeve shorten do you have your tailor put new fake button hole stitching next to your buttons, have him do real button holes, or just leave it plain (4 buttons but no fake button hole stitching)?

Also whats your take on just having buttons on the sleeves and no stitching next to them? I would think it would not matter cause why put fake button holes next to them to begin with. That is if real holes are not an option. Is that a sign of a low quality suit? Or just personal taste?

If need to know, the suits are Canali and Corneliani.
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I have real button holes put on all my suits and sport coats ....

I think they definitely add something to the overall look. The jacket has to be prepped for this to work, as are all the BB 1818 jackets. Jackets which already have button holes or those faux buttons with thread around the non-existant holes will gernerally not work. You can't get the sleeves short enough to show 1/2" of cuff. I wouldn't wear the faux type since they are just not the image I wish to project. I have BB shorten the sleeves to the proper length and position the buttons; then, I have a second fitting. The BB tailor didn't want to position the buttons correctly, but after they screwed up a jacket and I would not purchase it, he decided to do it my way with sleeves shortened and buttons positioned correctly.

In your case, a tailor would have to see if the jacket was properly prepped. While Canali is usually a pretty good suit, I have surprisingly seen them on the rack with faux holes.

I have seen many Brit suits with button holes on rtw, so don't say this comes totally from the US. It is silly to say that an rtw suit should not have working buttons. If the jacket is properly prepped, there is no problem. As for silk purses out of sow ears, that is what we Aerican thought when we had to give you Brits lendlease aftwer WWII.
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