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Interesting information about a mobile app (IOS & Android) from Albini Group (Italy), that claims to "make the process of selecting a fabric less complicated for those who desire a bespoke shirt."



IOS (iphone) > Android >

More Info:
With this app, it will be possible to choose your favorite fabric from Albini's collections and send the order to your trusted tailor.

No trusted tailor? That won't be a problem either: the app will locate the best tailor nearby with the "Sarto Locator" function.

The app will also help you to choose the most appropriate shirt to wear for any occasion: be it a business chic, smart casual, easy chic or black tie event, a business meeting abroad or a football game.

Mobile Apps

Speaking of mobile apps, does anyone here use any mobile apps for MTM or Bespoke Shirt or Suit ordering?

If so, which ones do you feel are pretty good?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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