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Yep. Gonna have to do it. Moving to the East Coast no matter how expensive it is. (I will live on Wonder Bread if I have to.)

My friend has the old book by Birnbach, "The Preppy Handbook", and she told me she read that they even have Trad phones. Trads, they say, prefer to find the old black kind with an actual metal rotary dial. She swears the book emphatically states this. I am gonna find one.

Getting an old rusty Volvo, boxer undies that tie in the back with no elastic, sock garters no matter how uncomfie, nothing but J Press even with the cleaners destroying the lapel roll everytime they try to "fix that crazy roll to the 2nd button", and finally, yep, trad plastic surgery. Even though I am currently a male model, I am going to have a ton of wrinkles put in and my jaw realigned to allow for a really trad accent.

NOT MAKING FUN OF ANYONE HERE! I actually do wear only Brooks suits and rep ties. (and I am not a male model either.) The plastic surgeon would have a very strange look upon his face when I request my specific needs though.
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