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I have wanted some two eyelet derbies for some time, for a change from my usual “blobby” shoes. I tried the Crockett and Jones model (in two sizes) but my toes and instep couldn’t take the punishment. I saw that Charles Tyrhwitt sells them for a modest price, and now am the doubtful owner of a pair.

I am favorably impressed upon examination. The shoes look nice with no obvious defects (something you cannot say about Alden for example when you order by mail). The leather seems rather thin and pliable, but then I wear shell cordovan or rather substantial boots most days.

Now, I realize that the shoes may be corrected leather, and probably were not made by craftsmen applying centuries old traditions in Northampton or wherever, and that generally the quality is not what you would get in more expensive shoes (if in fact the people who sell more expensive shoes could turn out shoes of the quality you expect from them, which is doubtful but another story).

So, does anyone have any actual experience with shoes from this Tyrwhitt outfit (the only thing I know about them is that they are quite generous in the number of emails they send you to let you know all is 30% off). If so, should I keep the shoes or not? What problems might I expect?

Thanks to one and all.
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