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While perusing the Internet the other night in search of a "wow" tie to go with my new HIckey Freeman olive suit, I happened upon a tie website that displayed some of the most original and beautiful ties I had ever seen. The craftswoman is Nadine de Lange and she does the designing of these ties by a technique called seaweed marbling, something I had never heard of. She has a section on her website labeled" how I do it" and it is a fascinating look how this woman comes up with some of the most beautiful abstract silk ties I have ever seen and the process by which she does it. For those in the market for something original it might be worth investigating although at this point I have not received one of her ties so I cannot judge the overall quality of it with any degree of certainty. I have no connection to this woman or her website, but I thought AAAC members might be interested in some tie designs, which according to the feedback she posts from her customers, get rave reviews. The best way to get to the site is just to google "Nadine de Lange ties" and go from there. I would like the distinguished AAAC members to comment on what they see at this site to see if I am right on the money with this one or way off base. drrobert

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In 2001, I bought some ties and suspenders from Nadine. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the quality of the construction of the neckties and the braces. The dying process seems to make the silk very rough, so it is hard to tie a good knot in the neckties. I would not recommend her for neckties or suspenders. I did buy my mother a scarf, which she loves.

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