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Mr. Kabbaz and Mr. Beaman have provided us with a series of detailed instructions on the measuring, cutting, construction, and sewing of shirts and coats. I've learned quite a bit from those two, and I'm very appreciative of their labors.

But I feel that I still don't know enough about the tailoring of shirts and suits to be able to place an order for a bespoke shirt or suit. So what I'd like to know is, has anyone ever read any books on tailoring? Did you find these books to be useful? Ever read any of the following?

Classic Tailoring Techniques: A Construction Guide for Men's Wear (F.I.T. Collection)

The complete book of tailoring

How to Make Men's Clothes

Shirtmaking: Developing Skills for Fine Sewing

Tailoring: Traditional and Contemporary Techniques

Also, has anyone read The Boutonniere : Style in One's Lapel?

My thanks to all who respond.
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