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Hello All,
Has anyone ever heard of or done any business with Esmail Astanboos? Reading this forum has inspired me, and I have been considering having perhaps a dozen custom shirts made. Although I am not a difficult fit (16 1/2, 34), I'm about 6"3" 180 lbs so I tend to swim in most OTR shirts. That, and they always seem a bit off one way or another. I expect 3 will be solid, 3 striped and 6 patterned. Barrel cuff, some button downs, will wear with wool slacks and occasionally a sport coat and no tie (work), or with a full suit (church).

The quote below is from Esmail's website, it sounds good, although I notice a lack of detail on such things as MOP buttons, split yoke, hand stitched button holes, etc. This is the only custom shirt tailor I have found yet in the San Francisco Bay area. I understand from reading Mr. Kabbaz's post is is best to have the person that measures do the cutting, so I would prefer to use a local artisan. Another, less preferred, option is the Robert Talbot MTM through Nordstrom. Does anyone have any other recommendations? Any advice from the Illuminati of this board on either these or other options would be most appreciated.


My name is Esmail. I am one of America’s last shirt makers. From my California studios in Santa Monica and San Francisco’s Union Square district, I practice a craft that has been all but displaced by the mediocrity of mass merchandising.

I do not make a "made to measure" shirt; nor do I take a few measurements and call the result, made in an anonymous factory, "custom".

Instead, I make a paper pattern for each customer from over fourteen measurements; then I make one sample shirt. When the fit and comfort are approved by my customer, and only then, do I cut and sew the order.

The results are unlike anything that can be bought off-the-shelf: masculine, refined, and unique.

I use only the finest imported fabrics and will make any style and detail you wish. A custom fitted shirt ranges from $125. - $350. depending on fabric choice. I will be happy to advise on style and color. Select a fabric for a custom made tie also.

I have crafted shirts for a U.S. President, and for countless other men in every walk of life, since 1965. I will be happy to meet you at one of my two California locations. I am also available for in-home or office fittings.

Please contact me for an appointment.


Esmail Astanboos
Montalvo on Montana
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."
~Philip K. Dick
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