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In two weeks I will be speaking at a conference entitled "Portraits of Rails" dealing with art and photography in railroading. I will be exhibiting two of my major works as well. It will be held at Penn State University, Altoona. My presentation is entitled "Living the Dream," discussing my present career as an artist, and my past as a railroader. I will have a power point display of my recent works behind me. I have no idea as to who will be in the audience. My presentation is one hour in duration, beginning at 8.30am.

I want to wear an outfit I wore recently in a presentation to a school downstate where anyone wearing good clothes is remarkable in itself.

The ensemble is: Navy DB blazer with black buttons,yellow-gold pocket square, olive trousers (with cuffs)Coles MTM striped shirt with navy, grey, tan, and wine stripes on white, white detachable collar, rust tie with gold, and green pattern, and deep mahogony cap tip shoes of Paul Stuart's make.

I thought it a good look, but as this is my first big presentation, I'd appreciate feedback

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