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I have a number of questions here, so I figure I may as well start a new thread:

1. Could someone rank (in terms of quality) the following shoes for me:

C&J benchgrade, Alfred Sargent, C&J handgrade, Tricker's, Barker, Loake, Church's, EG, Lobb Paris, Grenson, and any others I've failed to mention.

If these fall into groups, then please rank by group. I'm curious to know how the quality of Sargent and Tricker's compares with C&J benchgrade/handgrade. If you could plug Alden and AE into your rankings to give me a few benchmarks, I would greatly appreciate it. I thoroughly enjoy the shoe education I get on this MB.

2. Is there any true advantage to channelled soles, or do they just look 'prettier'?

3. For which of the above makes of shoes is it worth buying that make's shoe trees? (Note I'm not asking about bespoke shoes/trees, only the RTW ones).

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