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English shoes medium brands

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Hello to everyone.

Could you please tell me how are this brands in terms of quality? I know already that loake is ok. They are more affordable than CJ and churchs, but since I can´t find them in shops here and Would have to order. I will like to know the best options.

Alfred Sargent, Grenson, Barker, Cheaney.

I have seen this Italian brand as well "Stemar" in the web of Edwards of Manchester, anyone know this shoes? they seem interesting, but I am not sure about the quality, it seems to me that english footware could be better in general at that price range.

Best regards
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Hi. The brands you mention all have different ranges, with differing levels of quality. I've a big fan of Cheaney, although they don't get too much press here.

Edwards of Manchester is a great shop which has been going for many years. They don't sell poor quality shoes. How one shoe differs to another will normally depend on price - the more you pay, they better shoe you get. I had a look at the Stemar shoes, and the quality looks OK for a £200 shoe, although a lot of the designs are a little fashion forward for me.

I suggest the ranges you should look for are:
- Alfred Sargent Premier
- Grenson Rose (plus Stuart's choice if you can find them)
- Barker Anniversary and International
- Cheaney Signature

I recommend you check out the Pediwear website, and if you are looking for C&J's PLal's website. Ebay can come up with some very interesting options, however make sure you know your size and width.
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