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English shoes medium brands

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Hello to everyone.

Could you please tell me how are this brands in terms of quality? I know already that loake is ok. They are more affordable than CJ and churchs, but since I can´t find them in shops here and Would have to order. I will like to know the best options.

Alfred Sargent, Grenson, Barker, Cheaney.

I have seen this Italian brand as well "Stemar" in the web of Edwards of Manchester, anyone know this shoes? they seem interesting, but I am not sure about the quality, it seems to me that english footware could be better in general at that price range.

Best regards
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For most Church's customers, the 73 is the favourite last including myself; all my English-made Church's are made on the 73 last.

They no longer make the last, which is why it is cheaper on Herring Shoes because they want to sell their 73 stock so they have all the new designs.
Not quite the case TB. Herrings sell a 73 last range because of customer demand. They are a special order range - apparently the Factory Shop at Church's has a few made up too. They are cheaper because a slightly lower quality calf skin is used on this range and Herring's margin on this range is a little less too. I have four pairs from this range and whilst I notice the quality isn't as high its pretty good and I'm perfectly satisfied with them.
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