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I almost posted this under kbuzz's thread, but decided that it would consititue an attempted hijacking. [}:)] So.....

I seem to recall reading a shirt ranking where Lewin and Tyrwhitt were left off. 'Everyone knows how they rate' sort of thing. I, for one, do not. Anyway, where do Lewin and Tyrwhitt rate compared to H&H and H&K? They're all about the same price, so I'd expect the quality to be about the same, but it doesn't always (usually?) work that way. And in line with what kbuzz was asking, what are the differences in fit amoungst the four brands? I gather from other threads that the Lewin shirts are slimmer than the Tyrwhitt, but I only own the latter at this point so I have no real knowledge. Thanks for the info.

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