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Good afternoon!

I'm looking to buy a few long sleeves shirts to wear on casual Friday to work, to mass on Sunday or to dinner on a Saturday night. Pants that I would wear with them would be jeans or some chinos (Navy or Olive). I live in San Diego so we aren't too formal - in fact, I plan to wear the shirts with the sleeves rolled up (and possibly even untucked to dinner).

I have decided on either a Gitman Bros. End on End or OCBD. There is far more variation with the OCBDs but I am concerned that, for San Diego, the OCBD will just be too thick/warm of a fabric as it never really gets all that cold here.

Any thoughts on this? Am I over thinking this? Will I even notice much of a difference between the fabrics as I sit at my desk or sit at the dinner table?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Have a good weekend.

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