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Eldridge/Harry Rothman polo coat

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I picked up a camel hair polo coat today with a tag (below) which reads:
distributed by
Harry Rothman
Fifth Avenue
Hand Tailored

It feels canvased to me. Anybody know anything about either Eldridge or Harry Rothman?

I'll post pics of the coat later when I have a little more time.
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It looks very similar to the vintage coat that kitonbrioni has posted pics of (the one on the far right, sorry for stealing your pic kb):

The Eldridge I have is quarter lined as well; the pockets are very similar as are the turned back sleeve cuffs.

There's only one button hole on the lapel on my Eldridge, but it actually is functional as there's a button high on the right side that it can be attached to. It also has a lapel buttonhole flower catch on the underside of the lapel beneath the buttonhole, a feature I've only seen elsewhere on Oxxford.
Thanks, Mark. Very encouraging news.
I note also from another pic that kitonbrioni posted of his vintage polo coat that it was made (apparently) by a Baker Clothes:

(kitonbrioni's coat)

This is on the interior tag of mine:

(AlanC's coat)

Perhaps my Eldridge is a rebranded Baker? All very tantalizing.
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That group of three is owned by kitonbrioni--he's the market cornerer! I was posting it to compare the Eldridge to his Baker on the far right of the picture.
Can you find an RN or WPL number somewhere in a lining pocket?
No, other than the inside pocket label I posted above, there's nothing but a union tag in the other interior pocket.

Thanks for the pic.
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