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Edward Green Trunk Show- Washington, DC- May 13/14

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This just in!

On May 13th and 14th, representatives of Edward Green will be at Sky Valet Handmade Shoes in Washington, DC, for a trunk show.

I understand that the "entire" line of Edward Green shoes and boots will be on display. One of the representatives will be taking orders, while the other will be an expert on construction of EGs and will be demonstrating how the shoes are put together, including the handsewing that goes into some of the EG shoes (such as the Dover split toe), presumably using a boar's bristle. Both, of course, will be available to answer questions.

The reps are expert in the various lasts and styles and will be able to measure your foot and give you advice in order to ensure you select a shoe and last that is appropriate for your feet.

I understand that entirely custom, bespoke orders (the ones that cost thousands, take an extra-long time to receive, etc.) will not be available at this time. However, EG's intermediate semi-custom program will be available, where you can get measured and select the exact shoe you want - type of leather, color, type of sole, special welts if desired, type of heel, etc., but using the existing lasts (888, 808, 606, etc.). I don't know what the deal will be on price, though I expect they will not charge more than the regular $850 price.

This is a great development for men's shoes in DC! (a backwater compared to New York, shoewise). SPREAD THE WORD!!

Sky Valet is located just above Georgetown in DC, on Wisconsin Avenue, NW, just past the intersection of R Street and Wisconsin Avenue. Phone is (202) 337-4333. EMail is [email protected]

It's a relatively small store, so one always gets very personal and invididual attention at Sky (that's always been my experience anyway). By the way, the two owners are also master cobblers -- I get all my shoe repairs done there....

Sky also carries Alden, J.M. Weston, Yanko and Vass (though they are selling out their remaining stock of Vass).
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