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l need your help gentlemen. l am doing research into Edward Green shoes because l am planning on getting my first pair of E.G shoes. lf l am going to falk out $1,500 for a special order (plus airfare + accomodation) l want to make sure l get the exact shoe l want.

l have narrowed it down to three shoes. The Shannon, Dover and the Newbury.

l am particularly interested in the Newbury with a madallion put on the toe. The problem is that l don't have a picture of the toe shape. ln the catelogue it looks pointed.

Can someone post a good picture of the Newbury that shows the toe shape please? (l am looking for a Edward Green shoe with an elongated snout that looks similar [or the same] as the Crokett & Jones Weymouth). Does E.G make such a shoe?

Can someone please give the last numbers for the Dover, Newbury and Shannon? Also, [l know this question has been answered many times and l should know by now but], can the Dover, Shannon and Newbury be made up on different lasts?

Sorry for all the pesky questions but l need to know exactly what l'm buying.

Regards: the shooman.

GR8MAN (The shooman) B8MAN.
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