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The little lady wants to use an "ecologically friendly" dry cleaner for her own clothes. (I'm happy and will continue to use a regular cleaner.)

1. Have any of you gentlemen had experience with a so-called "ecologically friendly" cleaner?

2. I understand that "ecologically friendly" cleaning is wet cleaning. I recall reading a few years ago that such cleaning methods have been unsuccessful in that clothes have shrunk. Such has caused the few ecological cleaners to close. Or has there been progress?

3. Is the wet cleaning process effective?

4. Is conventional dry cleaning dangerous to consumers? My own feeling is no, and if it were the dry cleaning would be deemed a hazardous occupation along the lines of coal mining. The National Cleaners Assoc. website has an article stating that conventional dry cleaning is not dangerous. My own thoughts are if there conventional cleaning were so bad, then an "organic" cleaning movement would have gained steam. What are your thoughts?

Thank you.
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