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Dear AAAC forumites:

I've obtained a very nice summer internship at a great law firm here in AZ. Given that this is my first year of law school and that the economy has just about sucked away all the summer legal jobs I count myself very blessed. I also have an interview tomorrow for an externship with the state tax court which I am very excited about.

I have two Jos A. Bank tailored fit wrinkle-free dress shirts that I've had tailored and look rather nice on me although I would prefer a bit slimmer cut still. Dillard's Roundtree & York Gold Label slim fit shirts are even slimmer and also come in wrinkle-free fabrics in nice, conservative colors/patterns. I've a short-sleeve white button-down that I quite like from them. I feel that summers in Arizona require wrinkle-free fabrics because I don't want to look totally wilted after a twelve-hour workday.

I've also tried the fit of Burberry shirts and quite like the fit - plus they all have a spread collar, which is a plus. Neimann Marcus Last Call had a bunch, but they were $80 each and my internship is unpaid so I need to keep things in the sub-$50 range.

So, can anyone tell me what Easter or other sales are coming up on the horizon? I need to round out my wardrobe before finals start and (obviously) work.

Also, for suits I have a charcoal pinstripe, navy pinstripe, solid navy, and black suit. Should I really spring for a solid charcoal or dark grey suit? I also plan on acquiring a seersucker; the firm's HR manager heartily approved of my wearing one and I'm from New Orleans, so it's my heritage...


p.s.: I ordered two pairs of allen edmonds from the Shoe Bank yesterday; expensive, but I believe they will be worth the investment.
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