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Easter question

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I'm new to AAAC and I'm trying to think ahead for Easter, and here is what I have so far. I would appreciate any thoughts...

Seersucker sports coat
Yellow Ralph Lauren OCBD (wish I had a white one, and don't want to wear my regular white dress shirts)
Light blue "Shotguns & Shells" bow tie by Southern Proper
Pleated and cuffed khaki's
Brown belt
Tan Sperry Top-Sider's (no socks, of course)

So, am I going wrong anywhere or missing a good opportunity?

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We'll be going to church and then dinner afterwards with the family. We're in the upper 70's, lower 80's this coming week. Certainly no snow in Texas or the rest of the South by that time! (if ever). Just trying to dress proper.

Can't say that I'm a fan of Pee Wee, haha.
While I love my Topsiders and wear them nearly anywhere, I think church on Easter deserves something a bit better, just a pair of loafers. Socks could still be considered optional, though.
Good point Skipper, I do want something that is reverant. Thank y'all for the advice on the shoe situation, may do some tweaking here.

The jacket is your classic blue seersucker. Pastel yellow polo ocbd, brown leather belt...

And, "given my location," the theme of my tie won't be an issue. Besides, it just matches so well!
The plan sounds pretty good. I will be wearing something similar myself, although I'll be going with a Haspel seersucker suit and a SoPro bow.

As far as the criticisms go, I think people are forgetting regional variations in style. While the outfit might be inappropriate up in New Haven, it's perfect for down here. A great tie with shotguns would be a fun piece on any day, even Easter, down South.

A dark suit would be more formal, but unless you attend an Episcopal Cathedral, you'd probably be out of place. Easter is a great day for pastels and fun Spring/Summer fabrics.

I would avoid the Sperrys unless you're still in school. Of course, this all depends of your church. Even in Sperrys you might be the best dressed guy in the Parish depending on your congregation's style.
Dixie, thank you for the support, glad to hear from another southerner on the issue...regional differences indeed. I have yet to invest in a full seersucker suit, and would like a Haspel. I hope to get one soon.

Which SoPro bow will you be going with?

My shoe options are fairly limited, which is why I went with the Sperry's. I have some brown loafers, a pair of weejuns or my brown boots, but thought the tan top-siders would go well with the lighter colors that I am wearing. I'll have to get some dirty bucks when I get the suit.

Thanks again,
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