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Easter question

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I'm new to AAAC and I'm trying to think ahead for Easter, and here is what I have so far. I would appreciate any thoughts...

Seersucker sports coat
Yellow Ralph Lauren OCBD (wish I had a white one, and don't want to wear my regular white dress shirts)
Light blue "Shotguns & Shells" bow tie by Southern Proper
Pleated and cuffed khaki's
Brown belt
Tan Sperry Top-Sider's (no socks, of course)

So, am I going wrong anywhere or missing a good opportunity?

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Sounds like a-hunting we shall go. Easter egg hunt, perhaps, or Easter Rabbit?

If what you mean is a bow tie with a pattern consisting of shotguns and shotgun shells, I would hesitate to wear that in church on Easter Sunday. Can't you come up with something a little less lethal:(

I also think that boat shoes with no socks in church are a bit much. I looked up Richardson TX, and you're near Dallas. That's too far from the gulf to be wearing boat shoes to church on Easter Sunday, the most significant Christian religious event of the year. If you were skipping church and going to a sunrise service at one of the lakes, fine, but that's not the case.
+1 and perfectly said!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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