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I used to own a copy of Sotheby's Catalogue of the Duke's auctioned items (mainly clothes) after his death, and it mentioned that the frotns of his trousers he modified to have "elasticated girdles" on the front waistbands to have them preserve the appearance of a flat stomach in his later years (which apparently only went from 29 inches to 31 inches; but for a short man like him, I suppose it would be a somewhat visible bulge).

I'm curious as to what this is in reference to, as the catalogue doesn't show any details of items sartorial. Does anyone have a photo or description? It wouldn't be something as simple as a DAKS waistband, but not as troublesome as a Victorian corset (stays) that men used to wear for an hourglass figure (some of these I've seen compressed the waist up to 26 inches!)
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