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I have decided to buy a nice shirt for my family member. At first I thought it would be an easy gift as I know the collar size. That was until I saw the Duchamp size guide -

So, the collar size I was looking for was 42cm = 16.5 inches. The first thing is the difference between slim fit and regular fit. I'm guessing (please correct me if I'm wrong) that in general if you are a big guy from the waist above, you should generally pick regular fit. If you are a slim person - slim fit. Easy. But let's compare the measurements for collar 16.5. For slim fit the chest is 48 and for regular fit 42.9 - it's smaller?! The same goes for waist size - 43.5 for slim fit and 40.2 for regular fit. Shouldn't it be the other way around? You know - slimmer guy, smaller sizes?

Other, more important thing. If I buy the regular fit, should I pick the _size_ 15 (for 16.5 collar)? It looks pretty strange to me, cause if I wanted to by slim fit I would pick _size_ 16.5, the same as collar size, right? From the sizing chart it looks that way, but I'm not certain.

Unfortunately there is absolutely no way to try on the shirts because as I mentioned before, this shirt is a present and I'm located in Eastern Europe with no Duchamp shop in sight :)

I was thinking about writing this to customer service of Duchamp but
a) The response would be really slow (if there would be one)
b) I think that I'm missing something obvious and you guys can explain it to me fast and simple :)

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First of all, I have several Duchamp shirts ....

I wear a 16 x 34, but Duchamp runs small and I have to buy a 16.5 collar. This makes the shirt sleeves too long, so I have to have my tailor adjust the sleeve length. Shortening the sleeves almost runs the cuff into the gusset button, but I have about an inch to spare. They have just started their slim fits so I''m not sure how they will fit, but I'm not too concerned with their slim fit since I always wear French cuffs (Duchamp St. James model).
My advice would be to order the St James model in a neck size 1/2" larger than needed and adjust the sleeve length to fit. The shirts are very nice, but their sizing is weird to say the least. I think you will wind up adjusting sleeve length in any event. Also, Duchamp ships only via UPS, so figure on a hefty shipping bill since UPS will collect duty to US upon delivery.

Because of the duty, I always order after the first of the year when they have their sale.Usually I get 50% off. I love their shirts and ties, but they are a pain in the ass to work with, although I have had my e-mails answered promptly. If you want the slim fit with barrel cuffs, you'll probably have to e-mail them. I used to know the head guy in marketings name but I've forgotten it. He will call you if you so request.

Their scarves are also very nice, especially at 50% off. their pocket squares are a little on the small side. Don't buy their socks. They re much too small for US tastes since they barely come over the ankles.

If you don't want to go through all the sleeve adjustments, buy a couple of ties instead. I absolutely love their ties, and you don't have to worry about size.
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